ReFURbished Music

ReFURbisheD is a (mainly) Dutch collaboration of alternating, independent musicians. We re-record songs and make remixes. We call this “ReFURbishing” music. On this page you can find all the finished work. There are always more songs in the works so follow ReFURbisheD on social media!

People involved in one or more productions:

Adam Hoek
Alain Nijst
Andrew Flament
Bob Schimscheimer
Chris Groothoff
Erik Korver
Fleur Huijsdens
Gerard Koning
Hans Baier
Jan Willem Korver
Ken Klaver
Matt Giella
Mattias Schut
Mitchell Emmen
Moniek de Bie
Peter Keet
Peter Veger
Rafaela Koseva
Sola van Motman

And more are working on new tracks at this moment!

Production, mixing and mastering @ and