Listen the complete song here: How Long - ReFURbisheD


I’ve been working on a cover of ‘How Long’ by Ace for quite some time. I’ve always loved the song for its nice chord structure and loose relaxed 70’s melody. I thought I’d mix it up a little and give it more funky dance vibes!

I am always thankful to find musicians that want to contribute to the ReFURbisheD productions. This time I am happy to announce that these great musicians appear on this song:

Lead vocals: Adam Hoek
Backing vocals: Rafaela Koseva
Hammond B3 and Rhodes: Mattias Schut
Alt Saxophonist: Hans Baier
Production and all other instruments: Peter Veger

I met Adam Hoek (lead vocals) in my music store about a decade ago. He is an awesome Australian vocalist with a nice soul vibe. He came to some fame on the Australian version of The Voice and has racked up millions of views on youtube with his music.

For those who are interested in how this ReFURbisheD song was produced, I'll run you through it:

First I recorded basic drums, bass and guitar as a framework which matched the original version of the song. After I had that laid down, I thought about what style I would like the song to be. Sometimes it stays the same, other times we mix it up a little. For this song, I wanted a little more dance/disco funk. To do this, I changed the drum beat to be more danceable, which in turn needed a funkier bass line to match. I used an electric kit to play the drums, so what you are hearing are technically samples even though they were played with real drum sticks. The bass guitar is not sampled midi, it is a real bass guitar, in fact it is so real, I built it myself! Once the drum and the bass were laid out and solid, I then recorded some new guitar to flesh out the overall sound.

After this, keys! I produced a basic version myself, but it felt a little too robotic, the song needed more of a live feel. I asked my old band mate Mattias Schut from way back to add the funk, and oh did he deliver. He recorded funky Hammond and Rhodes parts at home and then sent it to me online. I actually had some more help online from Hans Baier, a great saxophone player in Germany. He sent me 3 different sax solos which I cut together into 1 master sax solo dripping in funk. I added some additional horn accents which I played on my keyboard and funked up the bridge with a james brown-esque drum groove. At this point, it was time to find some vocals. I met a lot of awesome musicians in my old music store. One of them was Adam Hoek, a very friendly guy and awesome singer. I asked him if he had some time to sing the lead and he said yes! We recorded some in my studio, and some at his studio and mixed and matched the best takes. For backing vocals I asked Rafaela Koseva from Bulgaria. She has worked with me previously on ReFURbisheD projects. She did the lead vocal for "Don't get me wrong"! I love her full and extremely versatile voice. After collecting these musical pieces from literally all over the world, I then gelled them together. A little more horn here, some hand percussion there, additional funky guitar grooves in the chorus then went on to mix and master the track.

I'm very happy with how it turned out! Let us know what you think of it! If you like it, please support us by sharing and liking it as well as blasting it out of your car speakers as you sing it down the highway!

Peace, ReFURbisheD